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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Moths

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How many times have you faced the irksome problem of moths ravaging your personal belongings, plants, books or anything else in the house? Quite a lot of times, right? Well, you don’t need to seek professional guidance for it because there are a lot of home remedies available, which would address the moth problem, without burning a hole in your pocket. The best part is that using home remedies to kill moths doesn’t leave any side effects.


1. Mint Leaves – Dried mint leaves, when placed inside your closet, near the plants, inside books, to save these things from moth infestation.

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2. Cloves – A time-tested and well-proven method to keep moths away from your home. Cloves not only get rid of moths but also lend a pleasant fragrance to your home. Just fill a sachet with cloves and hang them on a window sill, in a closet, inside a book shelf, or in a corner of the room.

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3. Water basin – One of the easiest, cheapest and safe methods to keep moths at bay is a basin filled with tap water. Fill a basin with water and put up a very strong light just above it. This will work as a trap for the moths, which are attracted towards the light. Once the moths get burned by the light, they will fall into the water and stay there.

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4. Lavendar – Another good remedy against moths, lavender works best to save cooked and uncooked food in the kitchen as it is devoid of chemicals and also doesn’t spoil your food with foul smell.



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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Moths