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How To Get Strong Bones

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Diet rich in dairy products is essential to get strong bonesAs a mother of a 13 year old I would often wonder what I could do more for the health of my son – especially how to get strong bones for my son through a healthy diet and disciplined life was always my priority. I laid emphasis on strong bones because children grow very quickly from this age and if they do not get proper nutrition and diet they won’t be getting strong bones. Strong bones and good bone health is crucial to keep us moving and healthy… I worried more because my son was lean and I worried if he had weak bones.

When I consulted our family Doctor, he suggested me several things which I could do for my son, to ensure that he had very strong bones. The first thing I was told was to give him a diet which is high in Vitamin D and calcium. Calcium is good for bone health and so we should eat foods which are a rich source of calcium. I also realized that his food should contain good amount of sardines, dairy products, green vegetables, salmon, broccoli and also oysters. If you are looking for stronger bone health, you need to ensure that you have these minerals and nutrients too in your diet.

There are many other changes which you can bring about in your diet to ensure that you get strong bones and most of these are related to your diet.

• If you are looking for strong bones, you should not eat calcium rich food and whole grains at the same time. It has been seen that whole grains usually have a substance which binds with Avoid softdrinks if you wish to have strong bonescalcium and prevents its absorption. This is not good for bones.

• You should have foods which are rich in sulfur. Onions and garlic can be had in bulk because these  are a rich source of sulfur.

• You should avoid soft drinks in all conditions. Soft drinks usually contain phosphate which causes the body to lose calcium. Calcium is directly related to bones – if you lose calcium, your bones will not be as strong as you want them to be.

• Caffeine is not at all good for bones. You should reduce your caffeine intake as much as possible, if you are looking forward to stronger bones.

Tips for stronger bones other than diet:

• If you want your bones to become strong, you should exercise on a regular basis. You should exercise almost everyday. Weight bearing exercises can be very good for your bones. You can start running, jogging, dancing and even weight lifting for your bone health.

Exercising with weights is a good way to get strong bones

• You can start adding supplements of different minerals such as iron and magnesium in your diet. Include calcium, vitamin D and magnesium in your diet.

• You can also include silica in your diet as it helps to absorb calcium.

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How To Get Strong Bones