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The Top Ten Food Cities of America

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Top Ten Food Cities of America                                                               Image Credit @

                 America is all about top dining places, exclusive restaurants, extra-ordinary food markets and best of the best foods. Visit these top ten food cities of America to experience the food nirvana. All these cities mentioned below are known for their culinary traditions and practices. Whatever you carve for, I am sure you will get everything for your taste buds in these top ten food cities of America.

Top Ten Food Cities of America 

1. Chicago

Chicago is a perfect place in America for all authentic food lovers. The city is popular for polish food and some of the greatest restaurants. Some of the other attractions of taste of Chicago are homemade Greek, Italian and Mexican eateries. Chicago has some of the world’s best Greek restaurants that serve stupendous beef dishes. 

Top Ten Food Cities of America - Dallas BBQ                                2. Dallas/ Fort Worth 

A paradise for all meat lovers, Dallas is known for the best barbeque joints and steak houses. If you are a Mexican food devotee, then Dallas is the place to be. The place has some great food joints that serve exceptionally good Mexican course. Visit the city for steaks, tex-mex, barbeque, and southern courses.

3. New York

New York City, also known as the heart of America, is the city that never sleeps. To wake you up, New York has the best of pizzas, bagels and the best of almost everything. The city has almost every punch of food and drink to keep on your toes. If you visit the city, you have to visit Times Squares to taste the delicious. 

Top Ten Food Cities of America-New Orleans                                               4. New Orleans 

When it comes to top cities of US, New Orleans has everything to beat other American Cities. So, the food is no exception for New Orleans. Creole food is in a league of its own, taking French influence and Cajun flavors to create a unique style of cooking. Some popular Creole dishes include Crawfish etoufee and gumbo.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco, the place to taste the Asia’s best.  The sour dough bread found in San Francisco is the best that you can ever taste.  Also, you can easily find some of the best food joints that serve outstanding Northern Indian food. 

6. Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha has more number of restaurants and food joints than any other city of United States. Some of the best food joints of the city are Lo Sole Mio, Jaipur, La Casa and Brother Sebastian. Omaha also has extra-ordinary family owned Italian places in America. Other attractions of Omaha the exotic wine places.  

7. Houston

Best fast food, best drinks and best meat. Houston is known as the “fattest city” in this world. Houston has a wide variety of all types of food. The restaurants are great and your money will be well worth spent!! 

Top Ten Food Cities of America- burgers                        8. Los Angeles

Los Angeles was once quoted as the true ethnic food melting pot. Popular for best Mexican food, Los Angeles has restaurants that serve almost all kinds of cuisines. Some of the other things to look out in the city are Chinese Food, Burgers, Soul Food and Indian Food. 

9. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the brightest city of America. If you are a fine dining lover, then do visit Las Vegas.  The city is known for cheap buffets gave way to top notch dining. Las Vegas has some of the best brunch places around. 

10. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland has so many various foods to choose from. Maryland is especially known for the outstanding steamed crabs. The varieties of ice creams are also one of the food attractions of Baltimore, Maryland. 

This was my list of top ten food cities of America that has the best of culinary traditions. If you think I missed any deserving city in the list, do remind me with your comments.  

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The Top Ten Food Cities Of America