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Travelogue - Cambodia & Thailand

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 We usually head to SE Asia in Dec/Jan as it is Winter and dry then with temps averaging mid 80's.  We sort of spur of the moment decided to pop over to Cambodia and Thailand in a couple of weeks. 

I am buying an HD video cam so there will be lotsa videos to share with you all.  I'll have my favourite Nikon D80 with me plus a couple good Nikor lenses.  (Some have asked me about my photos and equipment.)  If any have suggestions on which video Cam to buy please let me know.  It must be compatible with Vista and I prefer HD.

I am really looking forward to our first visit to Cambodia and the antiquities.  Roaming about the wats and temples will provide many photo opportunities.


We'll be mainly in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. 

typical simple Cambodian lunch

Rice noodles soups are always popular in chicken broth, minced pork, tiger shrimp, sprouts & herbs

 Noodle Bar corn with lime slice of course

We love street food and will be filming up a storm of foodie related treasures to share with you all.  If any here are from Cambodia w'd appreciate any tips on some great ats and spots not to be missed.

Cambodia's capital retains an undeniable charm, despite its tumultuous, often violent past. The crumbling colonial architecture makes an attractive backdrop to bustling streetside cafes and the redeveloped riverfront precinct - a particularly lively part of town on Friday and Saturday nights.


Arach Snacks While the small town of Skuon may have little to attract visitors, it is the centre of one of Cambodia's more exotic culinary delights - the deep-fried spider. The spiders, which are hunted in holes in nearby hills, are eaten by cracking the body open and pulling the legs off one by one, bringing the juiciest flesh out with them. Watch out for the abdomen, it's filled with some nasty brown sludge, which could be anything from eggs to excrement.

December is the month of the King's Birthday and many festivities will be going on here at the Grand Palace.  This year we just miss the actual day of his birth Dec. 5, but there will be many happenings all month.

I am getting hungry!

On to better things!  Shopping in Bankok around the holidays is awedome and varied;

Always bumper to bumper taffic, you note the skytrain up on the left.  It is so busy you must cross using sky bridges.

Street Markets are my favourite!

This is such fun-forget the fancy malls

Grab a bite along the soi

The street food is simply amazing!

Satey to Go!

 In Thailand we always spend some shopping and eating daze in Bangkok, and we'll visit another favourite spot on the water - Hua Hin. 

Hua Hin beaches are amazing long white sands for many miles

I love Hua Hin Sunrise!

In the gardcens at the Marriott where we usually stay in Hus Hin.

Alex is about 18 years old now and he loves everyone and sits in the garden/pool area.

I love walking in the gardens at the Marriott in Hua Hin or sipping a drink poolside.

It is so peaceful and relaxing here

The beach in bak of the hotel is stunning for long walks.

And the flowers are so gorgeous too.

We always buy a large bouquet of orchids to have in our room-usually less than $2 for 4 dozen stems!

The seafood in Hua Hin is so yummy!

Every offering is so fresh from the sea.  The funny clawless lobsters are much like "bugs" in Australia.

And the market is such fun both the morning market and the night market.

Gotta pack and catch that UA flight at SFO

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Travelogue - Cambodia & Thailand