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How to Measure Body Fat Content

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Who doesn’t like to have a cut physique devoid of excessive fat? Everyone wants to have a ripped and lean body and that’s why keeping a tap on one’s health and measuring the body fat content on regular basis is vital. With the increasing level of day to day stress and long office hours, people tend to put on more weight. Lack of adequate exercises and busy schedules make us forget the very idea of going to a gym or even dieting. Exercising and dieting can help in losing the surplus body fat; however, before accepting any of these options it is important to know one’s exact body fat content.

Measuring Body Fat Content

Body fat content also known as body fat percentage is measured by the total person’s fat divided by the body weight. There are two types of body fat – essential fat and storage body fat. Normally higher in women, essential fats are important for the development of organs, reproduction and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The storage fat on the other hand is the excess fat that tends to accumulate in the chest and abdomen. Body fat varies according to age and sex. Interestingly, it may also vary according to the profession you are in. For instance, the overall body fat of an athletic person is around 6-13%, whereas the percentage is almost double in a person living a sedentary lifestyle. It is also important to note that the essential body fat is 2-5% in men and 10-13% in women.

Measuring Body Fat Content

Many people regard body fat percentage as the ideal measure of one’s fitness level. Thus it is important to know the ways of finding out body fat content. Tips to measure body fat content are given below:

1) Skin Fold Method: This is one of the main methods of measuring body fat. In this method a professional uses a caliper to measure a person in 3 to 7 areas across the body calculating overall fat index. Through this method the professional would make an assumption whether the thickness of fat is equal across the body. It’s is simple and easy, but for accurate measurement it should be performed only by a professional.

2) Online tools: There are various websites that offer body fat calculators where you just need to enter your weight and a few size details like waist, arms, thighs, etc. Once the details are entered, you can get your current fat percentage. You will also get a clearer idea about how much you need to reduce.

3) Consult a doctor: If you don’t find the online methods very reliable, you can always consult a doctor who can help you calculate your body fat like a dietician. In case the body fat is on the higher side, your physician may recommend you to go for a diet in order to trim down.

There are many ways of testing or measuring body fat; however, it's quite difficult to know which ones are the most effective or which method is best. However, knowledge of body fat content measurement tools can certainly help in making people more aware of their fitness levels and ways of controlling obesity.

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How To Measure Body Fat Content