Sushi And Japanese Tapas Food Tasting - A New York Food Tasting Tour

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Welcome all! Join me in my journey to distinctive yet entertaining exploration: Sushi and Japanese Tapas Food Tasting  on a New York Food Tasting Tour . I plan to  taste the best of the Japanese cuisine while enjoying the Sushi and Japanese Tapas food tasting festival. The event is hosted at  New York’s reputed Japanese eating place by a staff member of a Foods of NYC. 


While you are there at the event, you will get to more know about the convention of Japanese Sushi and the yet to be discovered tastes of Japanese Tapas. The artful presentation is truly a treat to the eyes. Six courses of Japanese delicacies are accompanied by sake, beer and interesting information on the food origins. Both, the novice and a food buff will experience a rushed flow of adrenaline because of the excitement that the event will create. 

Numerous other dishes that typify the culinary diversity of Japan can be tasted at the Sushi and Japanese Tapas food tasting event. Grab your chance to get an insight into the vibrant practices and food traditions of Japan. 


Some Essential Event Information:

Period: Just about 2.5 hours 

Venue: Near Union Square.

Dress Code: Keep it Casual 

Capacity: 12 individuals in one event 

Cuisine: Traditional Japanese cuisine. 


Sushi and Japanese Tapas Food Tasting Festival is encourages active participation and promises to seat all the attendees who come to the event. 

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