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Istanbul spice market

Istanbul Spice Market

experience the aroma of spices like never before...

The Spice Bazaar, popularly known as the Misir Carsisi, is amongst the oldest bazaars after the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. Located in Eminönü, the aroma of the exotic East fills every nook and corner of Istanbul Spice Market. This L-shaped building is full of spices, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and locum (a Turkish delight), but jewelry and other goods may also be seen. 

While you are inside the Istanbul Spice Market, stroll through the space gazing at the things very carefully. The fragrance of these mixed spices makes you feel somewhat dizzy. Do not miss charm of  various local delights and desserts that are simply amazing. Walk leisurely for another hour in the surrounding market, in case you have the time. It is equally enthralling. The market remains open on all seven days of the week, so you may choose any day to peep through its doors. 











Hasırcılar Caddesi is a narrow bazaar street near the building which is stuffed with a lot of snacks and housewares. This colorful bazaar is a pleasure to watch. Then there is Rüstem Pasha Mosque which is amongst Istanbul’s premium architectural gems. 


According to me, the simplest way to reach to this Istanbul Spice Market is from Sultanahmet, through the Kabataş-Zeytinburnu tram along Divan Yolu up to Eminönü. 

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Istanbul Spice Market