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Best restaurants in Delhi - culinary tourist's perspective

This blog will introduce you to some of the best restaurants in Delhi, but remember that it is always through the culinary tourists perspective. It is always pleasant to be in Delhi. 


‘The Bukhara’- "Best Restaurant in Asia"

This time I stayed at ITC Maurya Sheraton, a premium luxury hotel in Delhi. Since I was extremely tired due to travelling all the way to this chic city, I decided to have lunch at hotel’s top class restaurant ‘The Bukhara’. The rustic atmosphere of the "Best Indian Restaurant in the World" and "Best Restaurant in Asia" enthralled me. I ordered Murgh Malai Kabab and Dal Bukhara with butter naan for lunch and I must say that that the meal was delicious. Dal was fried with a mix of tomatoes, ginger and garlic and the kabab was all bathed in butter. It was a fulfilling experience on the whole. Thereafter, I decided to take some rest and set out for dinner in the evening.  

Karim’s – the king of Mughlai cuisine

Dinner at Karim’s, one of the best restaurants in Delhi, was the wisest decision made during the trip. Tucked in a busy street of Old Delhi, the hotel had noting great about its decor. But the food served here made up for it all. It offers inexpensive Mughlai style dishes cooked at its best. Dil Bahaar Dopiaza Stew is a was mouth-wateringmutton dish prepared in onions with unground spices and curd . Post dinner, I decided to take a glance of the surrounding area. Old Delhi, I must say, offers a fascinating sight. Crowded streets, busy lanes, graffitied dogs, people with frozen smiles, rickshaw cycles were some things I rarely get to see. 


Paratha wali gali – for scrumptious partahas

The sight was inviting. I was fascinated by Chandni Chowk so much so that I moved there for the breakfast next morning. I set out for some parathas in the Paratha Wali Gali. There were a lot of tiny rooms to sit behind paratha counters in a single line. The menu displayed more than 25 different types of parathas. I chose to eat parathas stuffed with paneer (cheese), mutter (peas) and chutney. The street offered a culinary treat for just 50 rupees. Filled up to the brim, I took a tour of the famous market place – Connaught Place. 


Punjabi by Nature – experience excellent food 

Before leaving from Delhi, I landed at yet another top restaurant of Delhi - Punjabi by Nature located in PVR Priya Cinema Complex. The interiors of the place were elegant, waiters were dressed in traditional Punjabi attires and hard bhangra beats were played in the background. While I was inside it seemed as if I was in some conventional Punjabi town. I had Raan-e-Punjab, the roast leg of a lamb along with naan bread. Thereafter, I had the restaurant’s signature ‘Vodka Gol Gappas’, fried and crisp shells full of flavoured vodka and spices. The food was excellent. I combined my dining experience with some shopping within the stylish shopping complex. 


All in all, it was a dream trip to the place with many spirits. 

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Best Restaurants In Delhi - Culinary Tourist's Perspective