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Moms reentering the workforce

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Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career, Reentering the workforce after having children.

Reentering the workforce after having children: The Internal War Women Wage with Themselves

Forget about the mommy wars - the supposed battle between stay at home and career oriented moms. Watch out for the battle going on closer to home: The internal debate of deciding which option is right for you.

As a Therapist and Career Counselor. I've seen firsthand how hard women are on themselves. Mothers are constantly asking themselves impossible questions: How can I be the best parent if I choose to work outside the home? Could I work Part-time and have the best of both worlds? What choice will bring me the most happiness?

Here's my advice: Don't let fear paralyze you. Instead, let the fear guide you to good decisions about whether a job outside the home is right for you and your family- at this point in your life. Women tend to get caught up in the notion that this is a decision they only have to make once. When, in fact, your situation as well as your motivation to work outside the home may change as time goes by.

So, where do you begin this process? You start by taking a close look at your motivation. Is going back to work right for you at this time in your life? Being a mom is a full time job. Moms work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You already have a lot of responsibility. Are you ready for more?

These types of questions and much more will be answered in my new book:

Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career, Reentering the workforce after having children.

This book is a reference guide and journal with tips, guidance and questions for reflection. There is an appendix at the back of the book which provides employment ideas and opportunities for mothers who want to reenter the workplace. For more information, visit Bent Tree Press at:  website. Search under products. The book is listed under Career development.

You can also order the book at Bent Tree Press at


The ISBN# is 1-602250-061-4


The first five moms who share their fears/questions/comments about reentering the workforce will win a free copy of the book.

Just post your entry on my blog!

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Returning to work after having a baby is such a mixture of emotions-both selfish and guilt, but also a bit of relief-a chance to rest. Yes it is so much easier to work a full time professional position than be home 24/7. When was the last time you took a shower in the morning, got dressed, read the paper and sipped cofee? In a way it is good to get back to your "normal" life, and return to work, but on the other hand you are drowning in guilt for even wanting to return to work-being away from your little one. I mean now you aren't just a wife, now you are a mom. So what does this mean being a mom? Suddenly you are in need, I mean really needed. If you are nursing it is a wonderful bonding time with your baby but sometimes you feel simply used......used up. You are so tired and wonder how your mom did this time after time with four, yes 4, egads, FOUR kids. Then you say to yourself times were different. After-all demands are more now......aren't they? Or was your mom some kind of Super-woman. You find yourself reflecting on just what your mom did - giving of herself unsefishly all the time. But hey times of changed after-all you need Me_time.................or have times changed. Did someone give your baby a manual about how life is today and what moms do and don't do? Seems it's still pretty basic a time of giving and love from mom as it always has been, and always should be.
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Thank you so much for sharing your comments/thoughts, they are greatly appreciated. I hope this can give comfort to other moms.
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I'm thrilled to see this book come out and can't wait to read it. As a mom to a 4-month old who worked from home this summer in order to spend time with her son, and is now back in the office full-time, I try every day to reconcile my feelings about dropping him off at day-care for someone else to take care of, or whether I should be changing heaven and earth in my financial life to take care of him every day myself. Finding the balance in all parts of life is everyone's challenge, but it feels so much more immediate and intense when you recognize how much you love your child and how difficult it is to be separated from him all day long.
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Really looking forward to reading this book. I've been a stay at home mom for the past five years, I planned it this way and I feel it was the right thing for me and my daughter. One thing I can't stand is all the people who judge others choices when they have no real insight into any situation but (hopefully) their own. Now, my daughter has started kindergarten and I would love to go back to work, at least part time. I miss the intellectual challenges and I miss peer interaction. My problem though is that it is difficult to return to my line of work with a five year absence on my resume. I find, despite how far we have come, that the work place still doesn't accept that taking time off to raise your child(ren) is a valid explanation of a gap in a resume. I have begun to look, and I will continue to - but I refuse to only feel a sense of validation from a job, my primary career remains parenting my child. My education serves me well as an engineer, teacher as well as a parent - something I wish well meaning friends would understand (how can you waste all that education?). So yes, the internal battle must be fought - do ultimately what is right for you and your child, and realize that reading expert books is great for information, talking with others is great - but one message I wish to extend to all mothers is that you, and only you, know what is best for your situation. Gather your data, weigh the pros and cons but in the last analysis trust yourself, listen to yourself and allow yourself to take care not just of your children, but of you!
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Thank you for these comments and thoughts on motherhood. Making a decision about going back to work, daycare, etc is so hard and I'm glad you shared your thoughts and honesty for all moms to read. I hope moms take comfort in knowing they are not alone with this decision process.
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April Evansthanks for the information, not there yet, but maybe some day.
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Hi Diane, I am also not there yet. But do fear, as an ambitious working women, whether starting a family will detriment my career. I have so many of my friends, who are unable to return to the workforce because of just this reason. The work life balance totally goes haywire !! The other day ...we had a person interviewing for a job in our group, while her few months old baby was in the car, as she was nursing at that time. My god, was she nervous. She started and quit in a record one week as she couldnt cope up. I still have lots of fears and apprehensions around this topic. Defy all information is very welcome. Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. Some of us are very clueless :) They are indeed very informative. Keep posting!! -P
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You can keep up a career but need very trustworthy childcare, preferabley a relative or live in au pair.
Moms Reentering The Workforce