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Best 5 Thanksgiving Party Games For Kids

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Thanksgiving Games 1

Thanksgiving Party for kids is fun indeed! This is the time you can exercise their cognitive faculties in an interesting manner too. Here some games that you can make your kids aware of the occasion as well as bond with their friends.


1. Memory Menu

Make all the kids sit after that sumptuous party meal in a circle and start the game. This is how it goes...The first says, “I had turkey.” The second says, “I had turkey and cranberries.” The third adds one more item to the menu while remembering all the other names. The one who forgets a food name is dropped from the game. It does not really matter, if an item was really there in the menu. To continue the game you can build up the menu creatively too.
Memory menu game


2. Turkey Hunt

A Thanksgiving party is not quite complete without a turkey hunt.  Hide the turkey in an improbable place and give cues. To make the kids guess quickly, just set a time limit for their hunt...let’s say 5 minutes or so. The one who takes the least time to find the hidden turkey is obviously the winner.
Turkey Hunt game


3. Thanksgiving Word Builder Games

Ask your kids to play scrabble with Thanksgiving party words. This will test their presence of mind and build their vocabulary at the same time.

Thanksgiving Scrabble

4. Match The Picture

Ask all the kids match pictures related to Thanksgiving with appropriate words. This game is about recognition skills.

Thanksgiving-Match pics

5. Festival Themed Quiz

Prepare a Thanksgiving themed fun quiz where the kids answer simple questions about culture and festival trivia.



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Best 5 Thanksgiving Party Games For Kids