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Adult Americans Still Eating Too Much Fast Food

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An average American adult consumes enough fast food to supply himself with 11% of his daily calorie requirement. This frightening news has come up in a government study, which questioned 11,000 adults about their dietary intake over the previous 24 hours.


Although, the figure is 2% down from the last time such a study was undertaken, the government is worried that adult America is still eating too much fast food, which is also seen as the reason behind America’s obesity problem.

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Some of the important findings of the study are:


1. Young American adults are eating more fast food than what their elders ate. While 60 years and older Americans ate 6% calories from fast food, the figure was 15% for ages 20 to 39.


2. As compared to whites and Hispanics, black Americans got more of their daily calorie intake from fast food.


3. Young black adults ate a huge 21% of their daily diet from fast food outlets like Wendy’s, Taco Bell and, of course, KFC.


This government study was conducted between years 2007 and 2010 and the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” released it in February 2013.



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Adult Americans Still Eating Too Much Fast Food