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Foods for Preventing and Reversing Diabetes

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new book on Diabetes, written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, recently came out in hopes to provide some help for individuals who feel like they are being deprived of their favorite foods. 


More than 20 million Americans are suffering from this disease and in his book, Dr. Fuhrman tells that you can lead a 100% healthy life by eating the following five foods – which will help you to reverse your diabetes.



Beans are a rich source of starch, digestible starch as well as resistant starch. As a result, they do not raise your blood glucose level as much as other sources of carbohydrates like grains or animal products. Grains comes with a high Glycemic index while animal products have a low Glycemic index, as a result of which, both are health risks. In this scenario, beans emerge as the better choice. In addition, not all the calories, produced by the beans, are absorbed by your body.



Green vegetables have almost no effect on blood glucose level, as a result of which, greens are a good food for diabetics. In addition, the greens come packed with phytochemicals and fiber. Phytochemicals protect blood vessels and also provide nutrients, which the patient cannot eat from other, traditional sources.


Non-Starchy Vegetables

Mushrooms, onions, garlic, peppers and eggplants could also be an essential part of a diabetic’s diet. These non-starchy vegetables leave no Glycemic trail but add flavor, fiber and phytochemicals to the food. You can eat these vegetables in unlimited quantities.


Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds have the least Glycemic effect, are good to maintain weight, and reduce your risk of heart disease. These also provide healthful fat and anti-inflammatory benefits. A diabetic can use these as a safe snacking option.



Diabetics often crave for sweets because those are forbidden. So, berries, which are rich in fiber and antioxidants, have negligible effect on blood glucose, and are very nutritious, become the automatic cure for the sweet tooth. The fact that berries also reduce blood pressure is just an add-on.



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Foods For Preventing And Reversing Diabetes