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How To Stay Healthy In American Cities?

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You have made your New Year resolution and it is to become healthier. However, you are finding it hard to do so where you are living. If it sounds a familiar story, then you are one of the victims of the American obesity factors like cheap fast food, long commutes to work and suburban sprawl. For a successful weight-loss strategy, it is important to ensure that your immediate environment is conducive enough. Here are five parameters on which you can estimate whether you are living in a healthy city or not:

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Eat Healthier Food

Look for healthy local food options. In a city, there are some “slow food” establishments like specialty food markets, full-service restaurants and supermarkets, and “fast food” establishments such as fast food restaurants. Even a child can tell that a city with more slow food places than fast food ones are good for your health. Cities like San Francisco, Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Fla. and New York score high on this parameter, so if you are living in any of these cities, you are good.


Commuting to Work

Going to work on a bike or on foot means you are doing more exercise during the day. If you live in a city where jobs are available closer home or where the weather is much better, then, it means being healthy comes easy to you. San Francisco, Portland, Ore., New York, Boston, etc. are the cities, which have done well on this index. These and other such cities have scored high in terms of number of workers who go to work on food or on two wheels.

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Get Out More

Spend more time outside if you want to keep a healthy body. Go for hiking, skiing, running or surfing and other outdoor activities if you are not interested in pumping iron in the gym. This means if you live in a city closer to mountains or sea, your health score is probably better. Cities like Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Colo., Ventura County, Calif., San Diego, and Portland, Ore. are the places you should shift to to keep yourself healthy.


Hitting the Gym

If your city doesn’t score well on point number 2, then walking or biking to work is obviously not an option for you. So, hitting the gym is the only way out. Now is the time to look for metros with a healthy ratio of gyms/health clubs/fitness centers per household. Fairfield County, Conn., Middlesex County, Mass., Long Island, N.Y. and Lake County-Kenosha County, Ill. Count well on this parameter because these cities have a high density of gyms.

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Join a Group

Losing weight, or even staying healthy, can be a tiresome job to do, especially if you are not the kind of person who is easily motivated. Go for group weight loss programs at numerous weightloss centers so that you do not have to do it alone. Camden, N.J., Orange County, Calif., are two such cities with highest density of weight loss and diet centers per 1,000 households in the country.



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How To Stay Healthy In American Cities?