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Asthma Found In Kids Eating Junk Food

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If you are allowing your child to have junk food three or more times a week, you may be setting your child up for asthma later in life. This is because your child’s immune system takes a beating due to the high levels of saturated fat found in such food.


A research project, conducted across teenagers belonging to 50 countries, has revealed that children eating fast food three times a week were 39% more likely to contract severe asthma. Kids not yet in their teen years were 27% more likely to run that risk.


The study was conducted by the researchers of the Auckland University of New Zealand by looking into the diet regimes of 181,000 youngsters aged between six and seven and 319,000 teenagers in the age group 13-14. Besides the diet analysis, the researchers also asked the children about their allergy symptoms. The study authors have written in the ‘British Medical Journal,’ “Fast food may be contributing to increase asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis and eczema. Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables is likely to protect against these diseases.”


However, the study also says that if parents include fruits and vegetables in their children's diet three times a week, instead of burgers and fries, it would cut that risk by upto 14% (for younger children) and 11% (for teenagers).


Well, as the older generation said, fruits and vegetables are the best snack that nature provided and no burger and pizza can compete with them.



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Asthma Found In Kids Eating Junk Food