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Your Low Wages Are Giving You Hypertension

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If your low hourly wages are giving you sleepless nights, don’t ignore it. A new study suggests that your heart health is significantly dependent upon the amount of money you make in your job. The researchers of the “University of California”, Davis, have found that a hike in hypertension levels can also be due to low earnings of an individual. The findings are particularly significant in case of younger adults between the age of 25 and 44 as well as women. If this association is ignored for long, it can lead to such deadly consequences as heart attack.


One of the significant outcomes of the study was the finding that if the hourly wage was doubled, the individual’s high blood pressure risk would go down by 16%. In younger people, the decrease in the risk could even be upto 30%.

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The findings are already published in the “European Journal of Public Health.” Many consider the findings surprising because hypertension is usually linked to old age and supposed to be more frequent among males. According to the study researcher J. Paul Leigh, who is a professor of public health sciences at the university, “Our outcome shows that women and younger employees working at the lowest pay scales should be screened regularly for hypertension as well.”


The research group used data available on the “Panel Study of Income Dynamics”, based on information collected from more than 5,000 US households. The information took into account criteria are employment status, wages, and health condition.



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Your Low Wages Are Giving You Hypertension