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Don't Eat When You Are Really Hungry

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Next time you are really hungry, don't reach out for food, especially not the rich foods, which may seem more enticing at that time. With your life running at a fast pace, meal times often take a backseat. As a result, your hunger cues get confused and start giving out signals at wrong time, say nutrition experts. Therefore, it is all the more important to know the signs of hunger. You can do that by staying alert of the following points:


Identify the Culprit

When you work for long hours, you often forget to eat on time. With your life so busy, there are phases of starvation and, then, phases of overeating in your life. Since hunger is supposed to be an acute indicator of your body's eating needs, this cue gets confused by excess of starvation phases and starts giving out emergency signals when you are not even hungry. Therefore, plan your daily eating habits very carefully, otherwise, you will end up being as confused as your hunger symptoms.

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Find the Solution

Understanding your body clock is an important step in keeping false hunger symptoms at bay. Now, this doesn't mean that you should not eat t all. Experts say that starving yourself is never a good option. You can eat less but eat more often, if you don't fall victim to your hunger pangs.

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Is it hunger or thirst?

Sometimes, you are actually thirsty when you feel you are hungry. One way to cut out this problem is to keep your fluid intake intact throughout the day. For this you can start with water, then also include healthy beverages like fruits and vegetable smoothies, etc.

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Plan Your Diet

This is one advice you may have received a lot of times - eat six small meals throughout the day to keep hunger at bay. What people do today is to starve throughout the day and then stuff themselves silly in the night. Nothing could be worse for your diet plan. According to expert advice, you should follow set timings for eating your meals during the day. Start your day with a healthy and sumptuous breakfast, then have a mid-morning meal of a fruit or glass of juice. Eat your lunch on time and always carry a lunch box to work. In the late afternoon, you can enjoy a snack and go for your dinner early in the evening, preferably by seven. Then, if you still feel hungry around midnight, eat  fruit and a glass of water with it.


The Replacements

It is not easy to find replacements or substitutes for the unhealthy food options readily available around you. But when you are the most hungry, that is when your real test begins. Experts suggest high quality meal replacements like coconut water, butter milk or green tea and energy bars or fruits to satisfy your unexpected hunger pangs.



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Don't Eat When You Are Really Hungry