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Artist Creates 3-D Food Sculptures Out Of Cardboard

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Is it a chicken or is it a sculpture? That is the question you may ask when you look at the three-dimensional sculpture laid before you by Spanish artist Stefanie Herr. The painstaking art in which Herr indulges herself is not only time-consuming, it is awe-inspiring too.

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She takes everyday food items like carrots, chicken, parsnips, tomatoes, sardines, onions, apples, etc, and prints out several images. She then cuts and stacks those images in such a way that they appear three dimensional. That is how the diligent artist gives rise to sculptures resembling a pre-packaged meal. The hard work, though, doesn’t go unrewarded as these sculptures fetch between £200 and £450.


Herr’s meticulous creations are made out of cardboard and the 38-year-old artist spends weeks to create a single sculpture of, what is called, the “topographic art.”

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Originally an architectural designer, Herr, a Barcelona native, took up topographic art in 2007. She was enticed by the traditional method of contour line modeling and she describes each of her artwork a result of “several weeks of solitary, persistent and meticulous manual labor.” Hundreds of pieces of cardboard images go into making a single sculpture.



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Artist Creates 3-D Food Sculptures Out Of Cardboard