Overindulgence Can Shorten Your Lifespan

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Researchers say that overindulging yourself during the festival season or otherwise can take a toll on your life span. A paper, published by the ‘University of Cambridge’ in the “British Medical Journal”, claims that it is even possible to confirm the number of minutes that are decreased from your life because of certain bad habits that you may acquire over a lifetime. These habits include your smoking, drinking, overeating habits too.


The scientist behind this paper is Dr. David Spiegelhalter, a biostatistician, who used studies on epidemiological mortality, done in the past, and the method of speed aging, to derive conclusions on the human behaviour and its impact on our lifespan. For instance, the following habits can cut down 30 minutes everyday from your life, if you continue to indulge in them:


a. Watching TV for two hours a day

b. Eating red meat daily

c. Smoking two cigarettes everyday

d. Acquiring 11 extra pounds on your body weight

e. Drinking two extra alcoholic drinks per day

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However, the paper is not all about bad news. Dr. Spiegelhalter has also enlisted certain good habits, which would add time to your lifespan. Here is the list:


1. Being female adds 2 hours a day

2. Drinking just one alcoholic drink a day

3. Moderate exercise for 20 minutes/day adds one hour a day

4. Daily diet of fresh fruits and vegetables adds 2 hours a day


The statistics presented above are based on average analysis across populations and lifetimes but before you take up any of the good habits, consult your doctor and then go ahead. As for the bad habits, you don’t to consult a doctor to give up all of those.



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