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Coffee May Lower Oral Cancer Death Risk

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A study published in the “American Journal of Epidemiology” shows that if you drink four cups of coffee everyday, you halve your risk of dying from two types of cancers – oral (cancer of mouth) and pharyngeal (cancer of pharynx). However, the researchers have also stated that there is need to conduct more research into this before drawing any conclusion.


Oral/pharyngeal cancer is one of the top 10 common cancers in the world and the study findings have strengthened the possibility of caffeinated coffee having a protective effect against it. The study, which was conducted on about 950,000 people as part of the Cancer Prevention Study II, was done over a period of 26 years. While none of the participants had cancer when the study started, by the end of it, 868 people had succumbed to oral/pharyngeal cancers.

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The research found that people who consumed more than four cups of coffee a day had a 49% less death risk from the cancers in comparison to those who did not drink coffee. Caffeinated coffee showed more of an association to the decrease in the risk as compared to decaffeinated coffee.


Drinking coffee may be believed to be good for health but before you embark upon a drinking spree, consult your physician because every individual is different.



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Coffee May Lower Oral Cancer Death Risk