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Cure Common Cough With Chocolate, Happy Now?

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This is the kind of health news that you were waiting to hear for a long time. Doctors at the British National Health Service (BNHS) have found that the chemical Theobromine provided relief from common cough. Now the name of the chemical may not ring a bell in your mind, but this chemical is derived from cocoa, which is also the main ingredient in your chocolate bar. So, you get the picture?


The research study involved 300 people, admitted to 13 different hospitals, all suffering from persistent coughs. The patients were administered 1,000mg of Theobromine, twice a day for 14 days. At the end of the study, 60% of patients experienced relief from the dosage. However, cough symptoms returned in those patients in whom the Theobromine treatment was stopped.

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You may find an explanation for this in another study, conducted at the National Heart and Lung Institute in London. This study found that Theobromine blocks sensory nerve action, thereby halting cough reflex. In fact, the study found Theobromine to be more effective against cough than even codeine.


However, before you jump onto the next chocolate bar, be warned that the medicinal effect of Theobromine doesn’t exempt chocolate from its side effects, like weight gain.



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Cure Common Cough With Chocolate, Happy Now?