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How To Handle Holiday Stress Eating

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While holidays are normally associated with eating gluttonously, most of overeating can be triggered by emotional stress. The worst part is that you may not even be aware of the same. An emotional person often turns to food in a moment of weakness, say experts of psychology. But there is more to it than meets the eye.


Clinical psychologists often reflect that people use food, especially the comfort foods, as a means to cope with difficult emotions, both the good and the bad ones. Well, come to think of it, what is the first thing you do when you are feeling very sad or very happy? You reach out for your favorite food, right? So, that explains it all.

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Holiday time is usually the most difficult as far as emotional eating is concerned. Families get together, friends drop in, relatives are there, so there are bound to be moments that are emotionall charged. For an emotional eater, this can be a tricky situation because the food is aplenty and most of it is rich, savory, and, of course, favorite.


So, an emotional eater may feel that he has to eat, not just to recover from the stress, but to keep up with the festivities as well. President of the Binge Eating Disorder Association, Ellen Shuman, explains it, “There are all sorts of memories associated with family favorites – these foods are imbued with expectations. That feeling of deprivation can make an emotional eater feel like they have to eat their fill in that moment. They become forbidden foods – and that brings out the rebel in many emotional eaters.”

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The best thing to deal with holiday stress eating, according to experts, is to not eat certain foods just once a year, during Christmas, Hanukkah, or July 4th. Instead, you are advised to cook these foods through the year so that you are not forced to eat them during the holidays. This would save you from piling on calories at once.


Have you ever faced holiday stress eating? If yes, what measures do you take to deal with it? Do let us know and you can help others deal with it too.



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How To Handle Holiday Stress Eating