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Fight A Cold With Positive Attitude

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Whenever you suffer from a cold during the Fall, almost everyone you know would be handy with a home-remedy as a cure. From keeping onions in one’s socks to eating yellow onion, people will heap advice on you to save yourself from a cold. However, how many of these so-called home-remedies are actually effective? Not, at least, medically as Dr. Bruce Barrett of the University of Wisconsin would have you believe.


Dr. Barrett recently conducted a study, in which he divided people suffering from cold into four groups. While one group was given no medicines at all, the second and third groups were given Echinacea or a placebo without being told what it was. The fourth group was given Echinacea and also told what pill they were being given. The participants in the second, third and fourth groups were asked to rate the effectiveness of Echinacea.

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Only those participants, who believed in Echinacea, and had received pills knowingly, suffered shorter and less severe cold. This was irrespective of the fact whether the pills contained Echinacea or not.


This led Dr. Barrett to conclude that ‘a positive outlook matter.’ The study results show that if you believe that a cold remedy works, it just might. Although, there is no medical explanation for it yet but it is believed that the manner in which brain stimulates healing processes in the body, positive attitude cannot always be explained but it is there.


Despite the presence of so many OTC drugs, etc, in the pharmaceutical market, Dr. Barrett insists that people should use non-pharmaceutical cold remedies like orange juice, Vitamin C, chicken soup, even banana. So, basically, doesn't matter which home remedy you pick for your cold nose, what matters is that you take it with a positive attitude.



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Fight A Cold With Positive Attitude