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Top 10 Most Health-Conscious Cities In America

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The most health-conscious citizens of America live in Austin, according to a recent analysis conducted by an online health service, called ZocDoc. The survey analyzed the health condition and habits of the users of the free online appointment-booking service to find out which US city had the most health-conscious people. The least health-conscious city of the county is Seattle.


The survey took into account the percentage of preventive care appointments made by each city against the total number of appointments made using ZocDoc, to calculate the top 10 list. The cities that are featured in the list are those whose residents are the most conscious regarding regular medical check-ups and screenings.


Although, the online service is legally bound not to reveal the exact number of preventive appointments made by each city on the list, a representative of Zoc Doc said that the number of such appointments made by Americans ran into millions. It is already known that more than 2 million Americans use this service to either search for a doctor in their city or make an appointment.

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Here’s the list of top 10 Most Health-Conscious American cities:


1. Austin

2. Orlando

3. Denver

4. Washington, DC

5. Detroit

6. Philadelphia

7. Atlanta

8. N. New Jersey

9. Boston

10. Seattle



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Top 10 Most Health-Conscious Cities In America