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Was Coconut Water Really Used for Blood Transfusions

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In this episode, Elaine Wilkes and I discuss coconuts, fungicides, and health myths...If you ever eat coconuts, you'll want to listen to this one.Elaine also shares information about a unique type of brainstorming some companies are doing to help their teams come up with new ideas.

Coconut is an integral part of certain cuisines like the Hawaiian, Indian, Thai, etc. But now it is exported to all the parts of the world. But do you know how do they stop the coconuts from getting spoiled during the long journey across the world? They are dipped in fungicides...But that is not the bad news. Experiments have shown that any substance like food color or any other substance, if they are smeared on the outside of a coconut seeps to the inside as well, into the water and meat! Then one can imagine the case of fungicides.....Curious to know more? Watch this video..

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Was Coconut Water Really Used For Blood Transfusions Video