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Chocolate Tastes Better When You Are On A Diet

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Eating chocolate

Eating a slab of chocolate grants you instant gratification that carries on well into hours. This pleasure increases manifold when you are eating chocolate on the sly, especially while on a diet regime. If you have had this guilty pleasure more than once in life, don't worry, because there is a perfectly scientific explanation for this, as per a research conducted at the Northwestern University, Illinois. 


The research was conducted on other things too and it associated the 'guilty pleasure' with such eating behavior. Led by Kelly Goldsmith, the research was based on an idea thrown about by one of her co-workers, who had switched to a Weight Watchers program, recently. The co-worker made a seemingly innocent remark that everything tasted better when you were forbidden to eat, like being on a diet. The result was a study, that undertook six different experiments and got its results published in The Journal of Marketing Research.

Chocolate pleasure

In the experiment, participants were split into two groups and given six magazine covers to view. Three of the magazine covers were health-related while three were not related to any specific theme. After going through the covers, the participants were given chocolate bars to eat, as part of a 'taste study.'


Those participants, who were given health covers to read, reported the chocolate tasting better than those who read the random covers. The lead researcher explains it as guilt being related to pleasure. She says, "When pleasure's activated, guilt is activated, and so in our brains, over time, those two become connected."



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Chocolate Tastes Better When You Are On A Diet