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Not many people may know this but England’s cricketing hero Andrew Flintoff has had a brush with bulimia when he was just starting to play cricket. His bulimia bout was marked by him puking inside restaurants and on cricket grounds, which must surely have been embarrassing for him. Now, at 34 years of age, he has finally come clean about how he dealt with the health condition.  The fact that Flintoff is making a sports comeback as a heavyweight boxer means the battle with bulimia is not unconquerable.


All-rounder Flintoff has revealed everything about his eating disorder in a documentary to be released later this month. Growing up, Flintoff was a skinny kid, all tall and a teetotaler. However, when he started playing cricket, his lifestyle changed and he took himself for granted. That was the time that Flintoff started living on his own and reached to be about 20 stone. That was also the time when he started to become sick a lot and that was the onset of bulimia for him.


In fact, while puking during bulimia has made him lose upto 15kg of weight but that was not the ‘right way to go’ and before he realized it, he had taken on a real habit. Now that he has overcome that condition and is on his way to become a professional boxer, he believes that raising awareness about bulimia might help others struggling with it.


Flintoff’s documentary, “Flintoff: From Lords to the Ring”, will be screened on Sky1.



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Andrew Flintoff’s Battle With Bulimia In His Own Words