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Raspberry Ketone Capsules Await Human Testing

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Raspberry Ketone capsules

In absence of effective human trials regarding effects of Raspberry Ketone capsules, it is but natural to worry about whether or not you should consumer them. Raspberry Ketones are a type of obscure aromatic compound, which has suddenly become the next "big thing" in weight loss.


The biggest shortcoming of these fat-burning capsules is that they have not yet been tested on humans. A couple of studies, conducted in Asia, have suggested that Raspberry Ketones capsules are essentially helpful in burning the fat build-up in our liver, but the studies were done on rodents, not humans. Therefore, despite the reported benefits like weight-loss, lowered levels of cholesterol, etc, we're still skpetical about taking them.


While the departmental and medical stores are having a hard time keeping up with the public demand of these capsules, celebrity weight-loss experts like Dr. Oz have already declared these Raspberry Ketones as "the No. 1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat". With such hype about this product, it wouldn't be surprising if these capsules found their way into the hands of millions of people.


While doctors and clinical assistants admit that many patients are asking for these capsules, they themselves are not sure about the safety of consuming Raspberry Ketones. In fact, those who support the weight-loss benefits of these capsules, like Dr. Oz, are also not giving complete credit to the compound. On his show, Dr. Oz clarified that the women who were shown as having lost weight because of these capsules also followed a strict diet and regular exercise regimen.


We recommend that you consult your physician before taking these and get complete knowledge on the supposed "weight-loss" benefits.



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Raspberry Ketone Capsules Await Human Testing