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Minnesota Farmer Grows Pink Pumpkins For Breast Cancer Awareness

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Pink Pumpkins

A Minnesota farmer, Bert Bouwman, is showing his support for women all over America with his ‘pink pumpkins’ for the ongoing ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month.’ The new variety of pumpkins were grown with a new seed called “porcelain doll.” The pink pumpkin campaign was started by the ‘Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation’ with about 50 growers nationwide and Bert is one of them.


He sowed about 15,000 ‘porcelain doll’ seeds in his farm in the Brooklyn Park, and these grew into light pink pumpkins, which look cute as well as supportive at the same time. Bert took this challenge as a “new opportunity” to “support a cause that affects nearly every family.” The farmers who took part in the ‘Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation” campaign will be supplying these pink pumpkins to about 900 retailers all over the country. Apart from creating awareness for this dreaded disease, the farmers have also pledged to donate 25 cents per pink pumpkin to breast cancer research.


So soon, you will be able to get your hands on a pink, instead of an orange, pumpkin. But are you ready to use it for this Halloween? Well, if you feel strongly for the cause of Breast Cancer awareness and the women suffering from breast cancer,  you surely will !



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Minnesota Farmer Grows Pink Pumpkins For Breast Cancer Awareness