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Doctors Prescribe Food & Veggies For Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is a time for eating healthy. Every mother wants the best for her child and is open to the idea of caring for her own health when she is carrying a child. This has prompted the ‘People’s Community Clinic in Austin, Texas to come up with a unique idea in order to make the women from the poorer communities include plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in their daily diet. The doctors at the clinic have been officially prescribing the fresh produces for over an year now. These prescriptions are known as FVRx produce prescriptions.


Almost 11,000 women are served by the community and each pregnant mother is given the opportunity of $1 subsidy on vegetables and fruits at the local Farmer’s market.


The doctors as well as the supporters of the community clinic, ‘Wholesome Wave’ are hoping that the women get into the habit of eating healthy and would continue to include such produces in their daily meals even after the birth of their children.


Well, a commendable effort for sure! We hope that the FVRx produce prescriptions are here to stay, helping economically backward communities to reap the full benefit of cheap and beneficial nutrients in times of need.



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Doctors Prescribe Food & Veggies For Pregnant Women