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Sex Squad From Online Game Goes Pub Hopping In London

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sex squad goes london pub hopping

The two heroes of the health oriented online game, “Adventures in Sex City” can now be seen prowling around London’s drinking spots. Wonder Vag and Captain Condom are now asking the youngsters questions about their sex lives and providing them with free condoms, an initiative to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.


The endeavor to promote safe sex via an online game had initially been the brainchild of the Midwestern branch of London’s Health Unit. The adventure had proved to be an instant hit with the young people although it has been banned in Catholic schools.


The two popular characters from the game form the Sex Squad and are currently engaging the bar patrons in the health related question-answer game.


However, there is no mention of the prize given for the right answer. Is it the best brew from the local bar? Keep guessing!



Image Credit- geekosystem; thelondonpubcrawlco

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Sex Squad From Online Game Goes Pub Hopping In London