Coca Cola Supply Chain Delivers Medicines To Remote Africa

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coca cola supply chain used to deliver medicines

ColaLife’s anti diarrhea kits often fail to reach the needy in remote parts of Africa and developing countries where a timely intervention with oral rehydration tablets can literally help thousands of young children regain their lives. Simon Berry from ColaLife fist noticed that while hospitals and health centers often ran out of basic drugs, the fizzy drink Coca Cola was always available in remote parts of the world. So Berry decided to ride piggy back on Coke’s distribution system in order to bring important drugs and medicinal aids to the people who really need them.


The idea of stuffing the AidPods within the coke-filled crates has proved to be a boon. Simon can get them to the remote part of every region particularly Africa which in turn saves millions of lives by replenishing their bodily fluids. The cost of the kits remain reasonable too when tagged with Coca Cola’s excellent distribution system. Gates Foundation is also using Coke’s distribution system to reach out to the local population of Tanzania with Anti-AIDs drugs. The delivery time proved to be remarkably fast as it required only 5 days instead of the 30 day period previously taken. The company has plans of utilizing Coca Cola’s system to deliver more drugs to Mozambique and Ghana in due course.



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