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Hookah Bars In US: A Matter Of Concern

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A suburb in Delhi, the national capital of India, has banned hookah bars (hubble bubble bars) because of the tobacco molasses being injurious to health. Although a small step, which may look insignificant from a distance, this step is bound to have a resonance in the far away US. The hookah bars and cafes are sprouting everywhere in the US as more youngsters are attracted to the habit, thinking it is safer than smoking cigarette.


Unfortunately, smoking a hookah is, in now way, safer than cigarette. In fact, research has proved that a hookah can cause more harm than a cigarette. One such study was published in Respirology in August 2012, which said that hookah smoking and cigarette smoking had similar effects on your respiratory system. Hookah smoking has the same health effects like oral and lung cancers, heart disease, and other vascular-related conditions. In fact, in terms of second-hand smoking, hookahs have similar effect on those around you, even if they do not smoke hookah themselves.


With such profound research evidence, shouldn’t it be a matter of concern for the federal government that so many hookah bars are opening up all over the country? What do you think about it?


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Hookah Bars In US: A Matter Of Concern