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Star Power Used To Promote Healthy Candy

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Matt_Damon promotes unreal candy

Eating candy isn’t really healthy. We all know that but most of us are unable to keep our hands off this sweet sticky treat. Now Unreal Candy has come up with a healthier or less unhealthy option. The company intends to do away with all the artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colors and go completely natural. In other words, they are planning to make candy with organic ingredients which might prove to be less detrimental to our health.


But how will they popularize it? The company has managed to get hold of a handful of celebs who talk about how much they like the healthy oops less unhealthy sweet. So it’s Matt Damon, Tom Brady & Gisele along with Twitter’s very own, Jack Dorsey who are promoting it aggressively. Well, the combined star power might soon catapult the healthier junk food to dizzying heights of glory. Who knows?



Image Credit- tinyoranges  ; fooddigital

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Star Power Used To Promote Healthy Candy