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Tourette's Disorder Patient Chants 'Biscuit' 960 Times An Hour

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Tourette's disorder

Jessica Thom suffers from Tourette’s disease which is a rare genetic disorder, neurological in nature. It means that the 32 year old woman cannot really control all her movements and has involuntary spasms or distorted movements often described as a ‘tic’ in simple English. She is also prone to swearing and ends up saying nonsensical words over and over again.


While it is not easy to live with such a condition, Jessica seems to have a sense of humor that can help her laugh at herself. She keeps a dairy, jotting down all abnormalities and was very amused to find that she has been saying the word, ‘biscuits’ over and over again which pops out involuntarily even when it does not make any sense.


This is what she discovered, “I’m running at 16 bpm (‘biscuits’ per minute). If this is a consistent rate, it means I tic ‘biscuit’ 960 times an hour, or more than 16,000 times a day while I’m awake. This means that over the past year I’ve said biscuit nearly six million times.”


Well, that’s a helluva amount of biscuits for sure!



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Tourette's Disorder Patient Chants 'Biscuit' 960 Times An Hour