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New York Pvt Hospitals Say Goodbye To Junk Food

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Junk food hospitals

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has struck again and this time, his target is junk food served at Private hospitals in the New York City. Encouraged by the NYC Board of Health’s pat on his back regarding the controversial soda ban, Bloomberg is now asking people who attend to their loved ones at these hospitals to not eat or drink the junk food served on the premises.


As a result, there will be no more potato chips, candy bars, super-sized sodas, fried chicken or burgers for you while you go visiting someone in a private hospital. It is Mayor Bloomberg’s aim to remove these fatty and sugary foods from both public and private hospitals. While the public hospitals are already toeing the line, it is not private hospitals that have to fall in line with the government decision.


All this is being done under the “Healthy Hospital Food Initiative” and since 2011, about 16 private hospitals have joined the campaign by signing an agreement in this regard. The critics are already crying hoarse, saying that this goes on to prove that Bloomberg is trying to run a ‘nanny’ state.


However, with other cities, like Boston following suit, the hospital ban on junk food looks like it is here to stay. But since the law doesn’t say anything if you get your own supply of ‘Munchies’ or “Mars bars”, you are free to carry your junk food yourself.



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New York Pvt Hospitals Say Goodbye To Junk Food