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Harvard Study Links Obesity To Sugary Drinks

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Here is one more good news for the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. A Harvard study has established a link between obesity and sugary soda drinks. The study, conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health, undertook a review of three different studies, undertaken between 1980’s and 1990’s. Under these studies, the researchers monitored the food and drink habits of about 33,000 individuals and their health conditions. Each individual’s genomes were analyzed, including those, which are responsible for predisposition to obesity.


The astounding results of this study prove that if a person was genetically inclined to become obese, drinking sugary drinks only accelerated that process. In comparison to this, the individuals with no genetic markers for obesity, remained healthy despite drinking the same amount of soda. The healthier participants were also found to be cutting down their calorie intake from other sources if they binged on sugary drinks, thereby, creating a balance of nutritional intake.


Although, the study doesn’t blame the sugary soda drinks directly, it does creates a bridge between consumption of these drinks and rising levels of obesity. The key, in the end, is to achieve a balance diet, which is the sole responsibility of the individual, not of a ‘nanny’ state. Sorry Mayor Bloomberg!



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Harvard Study Links Obesity To Sugary Drinks