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Blame Your Brain For Being A Chocolate Slave!

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Blame your brain for making you a chocolate slave. Yes, scientists have unlocked the reason behind your attraction to chocolate or anything that has something to do with chocolate. Neostriatum is the name of that part of the brain, which is responsible for the lure that you feel for chocolate. This part actually produces a chemical, Enkephalin, with almost opium-like qualities, which direct your tendencies.


The study, conducted at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, was led by Alexandra DiFeliceantonio and her team of scientists. The team made its discovery while working on rats but scientists have good reason to believe that the findings made in case of rats are easily indicative of the binge-eating tendencies of humans too.


According to the study, published in the journal “Current Biology”, when the rats were induced with extra amount of Enkephalin, they showed increased tendencies to eat candy-coated food. DiFeliceantonio explains that one of the reason why over-consumption is emerging as a serious problem today may be because the brain makes individuals “want to over-consume rewards” at a bigger scale than before.



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Blame Your Brain For Being A Chocolate Slave!