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Fatty Food Gives You Depression

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Fatty food depression

Do you know why you feel bad after gorging on fatty food? Its not just your guilt conscience but something else too, which makes you depressed after you have had your fill of the fatty and oily foods. According to a study, published in the “International Journal of Obesity”, foods high in fat content have a depressing effect on your mind, apart from piling calories in your body.


Food items like cheese sandwich, ice cream, hamburgers, butter, cream, fried chicken, etc are known to induce negative moods in you by making changes in the protein content of the brain. Consumption of fatty foods leads to emotional instability, as a result of which, you may suffer from depression and anxious behavior. Dr Stephanie Fulton, author of the study, blames long-term consumption of foods high in fat content, for negative mood effects. So, besides making you obese, your plate of French fries is also making you feel depressed.


And you thought it is just your guilty conscience!




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Fatty Food Gives You Depression