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Kids Love Veggies With Cool Names

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Kids Love Cool names for their veggies

Trying to make your kids eat their veggies is a problem that every mother has to wrestle with. However, a recent study conducted by the ‘Food and Brand Lab’ of Cornell University hinted at the fact that catchy and interesting names given to the vegetables might actually yield positive results.


A case study carried out at a nearby school showed that 66% of the kids preferred to eat the carrots when they were called ‘X-Ray Vision carrots’ as opposed to the mundane ‘Food of the Day.’ This has encouraged the nutritionists to devise interesting monikers for everyday vegetables in order to make the kids opt for them. So it is ‘Silly-Dilly beans’ and ‘Power Punch Broccoli’ that are being served at school lunches now.


The ‘US Department of Agriculture’ hopes that this will be more acceptable to the students who had earlier given a poor rating to healthy school lunches.  


Image Credit- onlymyhealth; creative commons

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Kids Love Veggies With Cool Names