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US Students Boycott School Lunches

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The Obama government may have heaved a sigh of relief after introducing new lunch guidelines in school cafeterias across America, but it seems the new guidelines have given rise to a sort of student rebellion. It seems students are not happy with the new dietary restrictions such as less sugar/salt, daily dose of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and non-fat milk. The goal is to help high school students eat about 850 calories a day for lunch and students have already started showing their contempt.


These legislations, promoted by the First Lady Michelle Obama, were supposed to push school children towards a healthy future. However, the changes were not found to be tasty enough, at least by 70% of the students of the Mukwonago High School in Wisconsin.

School lunch 1

These students boycotted the school cafeteria, reducing the number of lunches sold by 50%. In addition to the Mukwonago School students, schools around the country have confirmed that their students are not happy with new rules. Some of these students said that they felt hungry after eating the new school lunch and found themselves craving for more food even after the lunchtime. Moreover, the new prices of the school lunches is another cause of worry for the students.


Hearing these responses, one can only wonder whether the government has been hasty and careless in devising the new lunch guidelines.


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US Students Boycott School Lunches