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Chicken Trouble For KFC Again!

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KFC serves raw chicken

KFC has landed itself in hot water once again! It was over an uncooked piece of chicken that was served within a burger. The customer took a bite and then saw how KFC had tricked him into taking a bite of raw chicken. “Fried Chicken #FAIL” was the verdict but the post along with the published photo outraged many around the world. This occurred in Ontario, Canada where the pack carried the name of the dish in both English and French. This is certainly not the first time that KFC has had to deal with chicken troubles though.  A Texan was forced to eat spoilt chicken which made him throw up only the week before. The fast food giant had also had to pay damages to the tune of $8.3 million to a young girl who suffered brain damage due to salmonella contamination in KFC chicken. The presence of salmonella is common in uncooked chicken but KFC does not appear to heed the warnings. Would you be tempted to step into a KFC now that you know how careless they can be? Or would you dismiss it as a one-off incident?



Image Credit- Reditt; doubledoublevision.blogspot   

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Chicken Trouble For KFC Again!