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Published Calories in Restaurants May Not Change People's Minds

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Fast food chain, McDonalds, earned a lot of brownie points for listing calories on their menus all over the country. However, this seemingly positive step may not be all that helpful in keeping you from putting on weight. Why? A study conducted by New York University School of Medicine concluded that adult consumers showed no inclination to eat less or change their order despite visiting restaurants with calories listed on the menu.

This study was conducted in New York City, where it has been mandatory since 2008 to list the calories per food item on restaurant menus.



The kind of opposition faced by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s soda ban from the New Yorkers is another indication that people do not like to be told what to eat and what not to eat. In such a scenario, how effective the advertised calories on the menu are in terms of making people eat healthier is questionable.



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Published Calories In Restaurants May Not Change People's Minds