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Students Give Low Ratings To Healthy School Lunches

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Student give low rating to healthy school lunches

School lunches across USA have undergone a change now thanks to the stringent guidelines laid down by ‘US Department of Agriculture.’ A good amount of fresh fruits and veggies along with whole wheat bread and non fat milk are now being served to the students all across the nations. However, it is one thing to lead a horse to the water and quite another to make him drink it. Most students simply hate the healthy stuff and are throwing it away or giving it to their more health conscious friends. Kids are just picking out the meat and cheese from their sandwiches and leaving the flatbreads alone, fruits lie half eaten and salads untouched more often than not. The calorie restricted meals have also resulted in the students getting hungry within hours of having lunch. With most label the new lunch menus as icky or nasty or simply boring, the school authorities sure have a uphill task ahead. They need to work on the students’ psyche if they want to receive an A+. Is it a tall order? Only time will tell.



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Students Give Low Ratings To Healthy School Lunches