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Has Todd Akin Lost It On ‘Legitimate Rape’?

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Akin Rape

Are you serious? That is the first reaction invited by the irresponsible statement made by Congressman Todd Akin, who is the Republican Party’s candidate for Senate in Missouri. Akin was talking about abortion in case of, what he called, the ‘legitimate rape.’ He said, “First of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”


Shut the whole thing down? Seriously!!! Is it a car, a food processor, or a television that he is talking about? No, it is a woman’s body and her sexual mechanism. It is her health and well-being that is at stake in case of rape (legitimate or illegitimate) and the medieval concept of body being shut down doesn’t hold anymore. So, in case the poor woman’s body doesn’t shut down, she has no choice but to get pregnant (which is not in her hand seriously). So, she has to go for an abortion for a variety of reasons. But the Congressman doesn’t wan them to. His biological ignorance is evident in more ways than one.


Thankfully, most of America has already started attacking and mocking Akin’s statement. Perhaps, that is why he apologized on Twitter, “To be clear, all of us understand that rape can result in pregnancy & I have great empathy for all victims. I regret misspeaking.” Since then, he has been forced to say sorry on different forums.


Hopefully, this will not be the end of the debate on abortion with respect to rape victims. At least the feminists are not going to let Akin get away so easily. Sample a satirical song penned by songwriter Taylor Ferrera, which goes like this – “I let him take me out. Illegitimate rape! I said I was 18. Illegitimate rape! He didn’t have consent. I’m sure your eyes were saying yes. I’m pregnant from the rape. Clearly not legitimate!”


Yeah! That is funny and sad, all at the same time.


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Has Todd Akin Lost It On ‘Legitimate Rape’?