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World’s Oldest Man Recommends A Proper Diet For Longevity

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world's Oldest Man recommends healthy eating

The World’s oldest man died last week at the grand old age of 122. Born when Tsar Nicholas II was on the throne, Magomed Labazanov had seen many historical events unfold before his eyes. Impressed by the Bolshevik Revolution and the power it gave to ordinary workers, he never quite found the interest to read & write. However, he did share his formula for longevity with the media which was saying ‘No’ to alcohol, tobacco, and women, although the last part seems to be a bit contradictory as he is known to have married twice. He also recommended a proper diet consisting of whey, fruits, wild garlic, corn, and veggies which he labeled as the diet for centenarians.

Although he claims to be 122, his name does not feature as the oldest man of the world in Guinness Records simply because he did not possess an official birth certificate.  


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World’s Oldest Man Recommends A Proper Diet For Longevity