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Italian Cheese Causes Death & Illness

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Italian Cheese Causes Illness and death

Ricotta Salata cheese, imported from Italy, proved to be fatal for three people across the United States. "Center for Disease Control and Prevention" published a release on their website proclaiming the outbreak to be the result of Listeria contamination. The source was traced to Forever Cheese’s Frescolina brand which had been sold in 11 states. The company ordered a total recall of lot T9425 as the enormity of the consequences sunk in. The remaining individuals that have been infected are currently battling it out in hospitals. This includes four seriously ill pregnant women as well as two newborn babies. The food borne Listeria does not typically harm healthy individuals. However, pregnant women and individuals with weakened immunological systems often fall victims to infections caused by these microscopic organisms.


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Italian Cheese Causes Death & Illness