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USDA Compromises Food Safety Guidelines

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It seems that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has not learnt its lesson despite so many cases of food contamination coming to light almost every other week. After having suspended its purchase of meat supplies from the Central Valley Meat Company last month, the department has resumed buying meat from the Central California slaughterhouse. This was done after the USDA announced that it would carry out quality audits every three months for a year until the company completed four successful audits in a row.


Four audits, at quarterly distance, may be too little to pacify Americans, especially those who have borne the brunt of consuming contaminated meat supplies. It was thanks to an undercover video operation, which showed the company workers behaving cruelly with the cattle before herding them off for slaughter, that the department suspended supplies. Wouldn't it have been better to suspend purchase of meat from the culprit company on a permanent basis? After all, allowing such companies to operate is giving out a wrong message to other culprits. Do you want such companies to continue operating or to be punished for playing with your life? Have your say here.



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USDA Compromises Food Safety Guidelines