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Black Licorice Recalled For Containing Lead

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Licorice RecalledLicorice is widely used to flavor candies and sweets and are available under the brand name Red Vines which is considered to be safe for consumption. However, a recent recall by the company has caused doubts which make us wonder how safe is black licorice?


The Reason & Recall

Red Vines recalled a batch of its black licorice labeled, ‘Best Before 020413’ and requested the public to return them to the stores/supermarkets/groceries from where they had bought it. They were also promised a full refund on the product. But what made the company usually so strict on not taking back goods once sold give back the money earned to its customers? Well, apparently the health officials found out that the offending batch contained 13.5 mg of lead, an amount that is more than double of the permitted quantity.


Lead Poisoning Facts

The American Licorice Company, the parent company of Red Vines were not inclined to provide any explanations about how such high amounts of lead could get into the product even after quality control measures. However, they did do the general  public a favor by linking their site to the California Public Health Department page where the symptoms and treatment for lead poisoning were explained. There seems to be a rather disquieting piece of news though. The Calif Health Department states that children normally do not show signs of lead poisoning and hence the subtle signs are often misunderstood and the diagnosis gets delayed. Severe poisoning may give rise to prominent symptoms which need immediate treatment as presence of lead within our bodies might prove to be a source of cancer later on.


So do check out your bag of licorice especially if you live in California and assure yourself. While consumption of black or red licorice can be avoided, what about other food that are essential for us? Do we need to be wary every time we buy food and hope that we would be safe? Or do the companies have to take more stringent measures in order to assure us that the food we buy will nourish us and not poison us? Do write in with your comments.


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Black Licorice Recalled For Containing Lead