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Caffeinated Cocktails Responsible For Unsafe Sex!

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Coffee Cocktails

Well, there are numerous surveys being carried out on food and drink. While some of them might be interesting, others are downright boring. But wait till you hear this! The University of Buffalo, New York,  has just researched into human behavior after having caffeine laced cocktails . And the results reveal that men are prone to feel sexually stimulated which might just lead to having unprotected sex. So do condoms become taboo after having one too many of those mind blowing caffeinated cocktails? Let’s find out…


The Research Results

The researchers discovered that the students binging on caffeinated alcohol do show signs of promiscuity. The actual figures of students having casual sex after drinking are 45.1% while 43.6% of the active students admitted to have resorted to unsafe sex without any kind of protection whatsoever.



While the fact of, “alcohol leads to romance,” had been pointed out by Dr. Ruth, Four Loko, a company engaged in making caffeine based alcoholic drinks had agreed to stop it following a ban by the FDA back in 2010. The results of caffeine and alcohol were deemed to be unsafe as people continued drinking with the caffeine masking the alcohol successfully and were often involved in road accidents or undesirable social behavior.


Energy Drinks + Alcohol

A separate study conducted on alcoholic drinks and their effect on human behavior found out that energy drinks when mixed with alcohol  contributes to high energy and increased libido. So apparently, a mixture of Red Bull drink and Vodka might just help you get more stimulated than a simple coke and rum .


The results of the research are going to be published soon. You can read all about it in the “Journal of Caffeine Research” and no, its not going to be touted as the latest aphrodisiac mix in the Playboy.


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Caffeinated Cocktails Responsible For Unsafe Sex!