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Chefs To Go Back In Time

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Time machine Chefs

Bored of fake cooking shows  where the contestants seem brilliant and the chef judges’ words of encouragement ring false? Well, here comes yet another show but with a twist this time. ABC’s latest offering is “Time Machine Chefs” which will have the culinary experts travel back in time and cook food that was popular back in bygone era.


The Participants & The Judges

The four chefs, Chris Cosentino, Jill Davie, Art Smith as well as Ilan Hall seem to be highly amused although they must have welcomed the idea of doing something different instead of dishing out pretentious food on television. Nancy Silverton of Mozza, Silvena Rowe  & Dave Arnold are the judges while Brooke Peterson will serve as the host in this Sci-Fi cum Culinary show. There is also a time machine which looks somewhat like a tacky old refrigerator from the 60s. Hall, the renowned chef from the Gorbals quips that he wouldn’t actually mind churning out matzoh balls for Jesus Christ on the occasion of Last Supper.


Preview Of Pilot Episode

But jokes apart, the very first episode scheduled to be telecast on the 16th of August will have the chefs travelling back in time to the China of 1146 AD during the height of the Ming dynasty. However, the set looks suspect, more like a modern day Farmer’s market than the kitchens of the Chinese Empire. But the challenge isn’t minor either. The contestants have to replicate the conditions in history and cook without the things we take for granted like running water and electricity. Furthermore, they get to face additional difficulties as their assistants speak not a word of English.


The next part sees three of the chefs whisked to Tudor England under Henry VIII and asked to cook a ‘cockatrice’. The chefs have an enjoyable time cooking and joking with each other while grappling with exotic meats including a peacock. The beauty of the show also lies in the theme and all the contestants whoop with glee to see the judge Nancy Silverton eat with her hands because there are no eating utensils in Tudor England.


Well, a cooking show with a difference for sure! Tune in to ABC on August 16, 9 PM to catch a bit of history as well as a bit of cooking. The experience comes with the guarantee of lots and lots of fun. Catch the preview of the show meanwhile. 


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Chefs To Go Back In Time